"What's the plural of flamingo?"

The plural of flamingo is flamingos.

Definition of flamingo:

A flamingo is a tall wading bird known for its long legs, slender neck, and distinctive pink plumage. Flamingos are often found in tropical or subtropical habitats, and they are known for their unique feeding behavior and stunning displays during courtship rituals.

Plural of Flamingo Example Sentences


  • I spotted a beautiful flamingo gracefully standing by the lake.
  • The vibrant pink feathers of the flamingo caught everyone's attention.
  • She captured an incredible photograph of a flamingo in flight.


  • We observed a flock of flamingos gathering near the shore.
  • These elegant flamingos migrate to warmer regions during the winter.
  • The sanctuary is home to hundreds of nesting flamingos.

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The plural of flamingo is flamingos
The plural of flamingo is flamingos