"What's the plural of curriculum?"

The plural of curriculum is curricula or curriculums.

Definition of curriculum:

The word "curriculum" is commonly used in education, but it can be a tricky word to pluralize. Before we delve into the plural forms of this word, let's start with a definition.

Curriculum refers to the course of study and the subjects that are taught in a school or educational program.

Curricula vs. Curriculums: Which is Correct?

Curricula is the Latin plural form of curriculum.  This follows the standard rules for forming the plural of Latin words ending in -um by replacing -um with -a.

However, the English language has adapted to allow the use of "curriculums" as the plural form as well. While both forms are considered correct, "curricula" is considered the more traditional and formal option.

See the ngram graph at the bottom of the page for a comparison of their usages in written English.

Is Curriculum Singular or Plural?

Curriculum is a singular noun, which means it refers to one specific course of study or educational program. It is important to remember that even though curriculum may contain multiple subjects or topics, it still refers to one singular entity.

Should You Say "Curricula Is" or "Curricula Are"?

When using the word curricula in a sentence, it is important to use the correct verb agreement. As curricula is a plural noun, it requires a plural verb.

For example, you would say "the curricula are different at each school" instead of "the curricula is different at each school" because you are referring to multiple courses of study.

Is Curriculum a Countable or Uncountable Noun?

While the word "curriculum" itself is singular, it is generally considered to be a countable noun. This is because it refers to a specific course of study or educational program that can be quantified and compared to other programs.

Plural of Curriculum Example Sentences


  1. The school board is reviewing the new curriculum for next year's classes.
  2. The teacher is responsible for designing a curriculum that meets the needs of all students.
  3. The curriculum includes a variety of subjects, including math, science, and history.

Plural (Curricula):

  1. The university offers different curricula for students in different majors.
  2. The school district has updated its curricula to align with state standards.
  3. The curricula of the two schools are very different from each other.

Plural (Curriculums):

  1. The university offers a variety of curriculums for students to choose from.
  2. The school district has implemented new curriculums in response to feedback from parents and students.
  3. The curriculums of the two schools are similar in many ways.

Curricula vs. curriculums

The graph shows the occurances of the plural of curriculum in written English since 1800 using Google's Ngram Viewer.




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The plural of curriculum is curricula or curriculums
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