"What's the plural of ally?"

The plural of ally is allies.

Definition of ally:

An ally is a person, organization, or country that cooperates, supports, or aligns with another entity in pursuit of a common goal or interest. Allies often work together to promote mutual interests, provide assistance, and defend each other in times of need.

The term can be applied in various contexts, including politics, warfare, and interpersonal relationships.

Plural of Ally Example Sentences


  • I consider her my closest ally in the workplace.
  • The politician gained a powerful ally in his fight for environmental reform.
  • She proved to be a reliable ally during the challenging times.


  • The two countries formed strong allies to combat the common threat.
  • He sought the support of his political allies to pass the proposed legislation.
  • The military alliance was formed by several allies to maintain regional stability.

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The plural of ally is allies
The plural of ally is allies