What's the Difference Between 'Lended' and 'Lent'?

In this blog post we look at when to use lended and when to use lent.

'Lended' or 'Lent'?

"To lend" means to give something temporarily to someone else with the expectation that it will be returned. The word “lent” is used for both the simple past tense and the past participle form of the verb lend.

It is important to note that "lended" is not the correct form of the simple past tense nor the past participle of "lend." It is considered a misspelling, and is not listed as the past participle in any reputable dictionaries.

In fact, it is very rare to see the word "lended" used in the media and in written work. It is considered a mistake and should be avoided.

The correct past tense and past participle of "lend" is "lent," as in "I lent him my car" or "he has lent me the book."

The word “lent” is the only accepted form of the verb in the present perfect and past perfect tenses, as well as in the passive voice.

In conclusion, it is important for writers to use the correct form of words in order to communicate effectively and accurately.

"Lended" is never the correct conjugation of the word "lend," and it should be avoided. Instead, writers should use the correct form "lent" in all cases.

Examples of Lent in a Sentence

  1. I lent my friend $50 to help him pay his rent. (simple past)

  2. I have lent my sister my car several times this month. (present perfect)

  3. He had lent me his bike before he moved away. (past perfect)

  4. The library lent me the book I needed for my research. (passive voice)

  5. I would never have lent him that much money if I had known he wouldn't pay it back. (conditional past)

  6. I lent my phone to my coworker so she could make a call. (simple past)

  7. My boss had lent me his laptop when mine broke down. (past perfect)

  8. I had lent my daughter my car for the weekend. (past perfect)

  9. I lent my friend some money for the concert tickets (simple past)

  10. I will have lent my brother my guitar for a month by the time he returns it. (future perfect)

Lended or Lent
Lended or Lent