What's the Difference Between 'Kindergarden' and 'Kindergarten'?

In this blog post we look at when to use kindergarden and when to use kindergarten.

'Kindergarden' or 'Kindergarten'?

A kindergarten is a type of educational institution or program designed for young children, usually from the ages of four to six years old.

It is a German word, which literally means "children's garden" and is intended to provide an environment for children to learn through play and social interaction.

The correct spelling is “kindergarten”, not “kindergarden”.

There is often confusion about the spelling of the word, perhaps because “Garten” is a Germanic word but sounds like the English spelling of the same word “garden”.

For those old enough to remember Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘Kindergarten Cop’ you might make the connection to this being a German word, since Austrian-born Schwarzenegger is a native German speaker.

In conclusion, "kindergarten" is the most commonly used and accepted spelling, while "kindergarden" is a less commonly used or accepted spelling of the same word.

Examples of Kindergarden in a Sentence

  1. My little sister is in kindergarden this year.

  2. The kindergarden class went on a field trip to the zoo.

  3. I remember my first day of kindergarden like it was yesterday.

  4. The kindergarden teacher read a story to the students.

  5. The kindergarden curriculum includes learning basic math and reading skills.

  6. The kindergarden students were excited to play with the new blocks.

  7. The kindergarden graduation ceremony was a proud moment for the parents.

  8. The kindergarden class planted a garden in the school's courtyard.

  9. The kindergarden students were learning how to spell their names.

  10. The kindergarden class had a picnic on the playground during recess.

Kindergarden or Kindergarten
Kindergarden or Kindergarten