What's the Difference Between 'Grandad' and 'Granddad'?

In this blog post we look at when to use grandad and when to use granddad.

'Grandad' or 'Granddad'?

"Granddad" and "grandad" are alternative spellings of the same word, which refers to a father's father.

It is a term used affectionately to address an older man who is the grandfather of a child.

Both spellings are used in different parts of the English-speaking world, with "granddad" being more common in American English, and "grandad" being more common in British English.

However, there is no one correct answer as both spellings are widely used and accepted in the English-speaking world.

  1. "I love spending time with my granddad, he always has interesting stories to tell." This sentence uses "granddad" which is more common in American English.

  2. "My grandad always takes me fishing on the weekends." This sentence uses "grandad" which is more common in British English.

  3. "I miss my granddad, he passed away last year." (American)

  4. "My grandad is my favorite person in the world." (British)

  5. "I can't wait to see my granddad next week." (American)

  6. "I am so lucky to have such a great grandad." (British)

Grandad or Granddad
Grandad or Granddad