What's the Difference Between 'Grammar' and 'Grammer'?

In this blog post we look at when to use grammar and when to use grammer.

'Grammar' or 'Grammer'?

"Grammar" is the correct spelling of the word, while "grammer" is a misspelling.

The word "grammar" refers to the set of rules and structures that govern the composition of sentences in a language.

It includes elements such as syntax, word order, verb conjugation, and punctuation. These rules help speakers of a language communicate effectively and clearly, and are essential for understanding and producing well-formed sentences.

"Grammer" is considered a misspelling. It is not commonly used, and it is not recognized as the standard spelling by any reputable sources.

It's important to use the correct spelling of the word "grammar" to avoid confusion and to convey your thoughts effectively.

Examples of Grammar in a Sentence

  1. The proper use of grammar is essential for effective communication.

  2. I always refer to www.grammargiant.com when I need help with grammar.

  3. Learning grammar can be challenging, but with practice, it becomes easier.

  4. It's important to understand the grammar rules of a language in order to speak and write it correctly.

  5. She spent hours studying grammar to prepare for her English exam.

  6. The grammar section of the textbook was particularly difficult for him to understand.

  7. He struggled with grammar and had to seek additional help from a tutor.

  8. The grammar checker on the word processor helped her catch errors in her writing.

  9. I've been using the grammar tips on www.grammargiant.com to improve my writing skills.

  10. The grammar class was designed to help students improve their writing skills and understanding of grammar rules.

Grammar or Grammer
Grammar or Grammer