What's the Difference Between 'For More Detail' and 'For More Details'?

In this blog post we look at when to use for more detail and when to use for more details.

'For More Detail' or 'For More Details'?

The phrase "for more details" is used to indicate that additional information is available about a specific topic or issue. It is often used in written materials such as reports, articles, or documents to provide additional information or to refer readers to other sources for more information.

The phrase "for more detail" is incorrect. The correct phrase is "for more details."

It's important to use the correct phrase to clearly communicate your intended meaning.

Examples of For More Details in a Sentence

Here are some examples of how "for more details" can be used:

  • For more details on the new product launch, see the press release.

  • If you would like more details about the event, please visit our website.

  • Please contact us for more details about the job opening.

  • For more details about the company's financial performance, see the annual report.

  • For more details about the research study, see the full report.

  • Please refer to the instructions for more details on how to use the product.

  • For more details about the program, see the information packet.

For More Detail or For More Details
For More Detail or For More Details