What's the Difference Between 'Cite' and 'Site'?

In this blog post we look at when to use cite and when to use site.

'Cite' or 'Site'?

"Cite" and "site" are two words that are often confused because they are spelled similarly and have similar sounds when pronounced. However, they have completely different meanings and are used in different contexts.

"Cite" is a verb that means to quote or refer to a specific source, such as a book, article, or website.

"Site" is a noun that refers to a specific location or place, such as a building, an online location, or a historical site.

Here are some examples of "cite" and "site" in use to demonstrate the differences between the two words:

"He cited several studies in his research paper." In this sentence, the speaker is indicating that the person referred to specific studies in their paper.

"The construction site was bustling with activity." In this sentence, the "site" is the specific location where the construction is taking place.

"The judge cited the law in her ruling." In this sentence the judge is referring to the law when making decisions.

The ancient ruins were located on a remote mountain site." In this sentence the word site refers to a specific place on the mountain.

Examples of Cite in a Sentence

Here are 10 example sentences using the word "cite":

  1. "The report cited a lack of funding as the main barrier to progress."

  2. "The paper cited the study as the source of its information."

  3. "The essay cited the author's previous work as evidence for its claims."

  4. "The professor asked the students to cite their sources in their papers."

  5. "The speaker cited the statistics to support her argument."

  6. "The writer cited the poem in her essay."

  7. "The lawyer cited the Constitution in his defense."

  8. "The historian cited primary sources in her book."

  9. "The politician cited the party's platform in her speech."

  10. "The journalist cited the interviewee's statements in her article."

Examples of Site in a Sentence

Here are 10 example sentences using the word "site":

  1. "The construction site was located on the corner of Main Street and Maple Avenue."

  2. "The ancient ruins were located on a remote mountain site."

  3. "The company set up their website on a popular hosting site called Bluehost."

  4. "The archaeological team discovered a new site that contained ancient artifacts."

  5. "The city council approved the development of a new shopping site on the outskirts of town."

  6. "The wildlife sanctuary was located on a beautiful riverside site."

  7. "The company chose the site for its new headquarters because of its central location."

  8. "The wedding ceremony took place at a beautiful outdoor site by the lake."

  9. "The concert was held at an open-air site in the park."

  10. "The company conducted a survey to determine the best site for their new factory."

Cite or Site
Cite or Site