What's the Difference Between 'Beside' and 'Besides'?

In this blog post we look at when to use beside and when to use besides.

'Beside' or 'Besides'?

Beside and besides are two words that are often confused because they are pronounced similarly and have related meanings. However, they have different spelling and different uses.

Beside is a preposition that means at the side of something or someone. It can also mean next to or close to.

Besides is an adverb that means in addition to or except for. It can also be used as a preposition to mean other than or apart from.

Here are a few examples of sentences that use the words "beside" and "besides" correctly:

  • "She sat beside him on the couch." (beside: at the side of something or someone)

  • "The house is located beside the river." (beside: next to or close to)

  • "Besides his job, he also volunteers at the local shelter." (besides: in addition to)

  • "I don't have any other hobbies besides reading." (besides: except for)

  • "Besides being a teacher, she is also a published author." (besides: in addition to)

  • "She can't come to the party besides on Friday." (besides: other than or apart from)

Examples of Beside in a Sentence

  1. "She stood beside him as he made the speech."

  2. "I placed the vase beside the flowers on the table."

  3. "He sat beside her on the bench."

  4. "The hotel is located beside the beach."

  5. "She stood beside him at the altar on their wedding day."

  6. "I placed the book beside the lamp on the nightstand."

  7. "He sat beside her on the plane during the long flight."

  8. "The park is located beside the river."

  9. "She stood beside him as he received his diploma."

  10. "I placed the phone beside the computer on the desk."

Examples of Besides in a Sentence

  1. "Besides being a teacher, she is also a musician."

  2. "I don't have any other plans besides going to the movies tonight."

  3. "Besides the main dish, we also need to bring a side dish to the potluck."

  4. "He has several hobbies besides collecting stamps."

  5. "Besides her job, she also volunteers at the animal shelter."

  6. "I don't have any other ideas besides going to the beach for the weekend."

  7. "Besides being a doctor, he is also a researcher."

  8. "I don't have any other commitments besides my job."

  9. "Besides her family, she has a close group of friends that she considers her second family."

  10. "I don't have any other interests besides reading and writing."

Beside or Besides
Beside or Besides