What's the Difference Between 'Award' and 'Reward'?

In this blog post we look at when to use award and when to use reward.

'Award' or 'Reward'?

"Award" and "reward" are two words that are often used to describe something that is given in recognition of an achievement or as a result of good behavior. However, they have slightly different connotations and are used in different contexts.

An "award" is typically given to someone in recognition of a particular achievement or merit. Awards are often given in a formal setting, such as a ceremony, and are often accompanied by a certificate, trophy, or other tangible symbol of the achievement. Some examples of awards might include an Oscar for a film performance, a Nobel Prize for scientific research, or a medal for military service.

A "reward," on the other hand, is typically given as a way to motivate or encourage a particular behavior or action. Rewards are often given to children or pets as a way to encourage good behavior, and they may also be used in business or other organizational settings as a way to motivate employees or improve performance. Rewards can be tangible, like a prize or a gift, or intangible, like praise or recognition.

So, while both awards and rewards are given as a form of recognition or appreciation, awards are typically given in recognition of an achievement that has already occurred, while rewards are given as an incentive to encourage or motivate a particular behavior or action.

Examples of Award in a Sentence

  1. The actor received an award for his performance in the film.

  2. The scientist was presented with an award at the ceremony.

  3. The student received an award for her outstanding academic achievements.

  4. The company won the award for best new product at the trade show.

  5. The organization was given an award for its contributions to the community.

  6. The writer received the prize as an award for her novel.

  7. The athlete received an award for her performance at the competition.

  8. The teacher was given the award for teacher of the year at the school's awards ceremony.

  9. The company received an award for its innovative approach to business.

  10. The artist secured an award in the form of a grant to support her work.

Examples of Reward in a Sentence

  1. The company offered a cash reward to anyone who could provide information leading to the capture of the thief.

  2. The school offered students a reward for every book they read during the summer reading program.

  3. The employees were given a reward for their hard work and dedication over the past year.

  4. The teacher gave the student a sticker as a reward for completing her homework on time.

  5. The company offered a reward for the best new product idea submitted by its employees.

  6. The police department offered a reward for any information leading to the arrest of the suspect.

  7. The parent gave their child a toy as a reward for behaving well at the store.

  8. The company offered a reward to anyone who could help them solve the technical problem.

  9. As a reward for their excellent behavior, the teacher took the class on a trip to the zoo.

  10. The company offered a reward to its employees for achieving their sales targets for the quarter.

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