What's the Difference Between 'Apart' and 'A Part'?

In this blog post we look at when to use apart and when to use a part.

'Apart' or 'A Part'?

‘A part’ is a noun phrase that refers to a specific portion or component of something. For example, "A part of the cake was eaten" means that a specific portion of the cake has been consumed.

‘Apart’ is an adjective or adverb that means "separate" or "separated." It can be used to describe two or more things that are not close to each other or are not connected. For example, "The two buildings are a mile apart" means that the two buildings are located a mile away from each other.

Here are a few more examples to illustrate the difference between "a part" and "apart":

  • "A part of the puzzle is missing" (refers to a specific portion of the puzzle)

  • "The couple has been living apart for the past year" (refers to the couple living in separate locations)

  • "A part of the recipe calls for sugar" (refers to a specific component of the recipe)

  • "The broken chair was taken apart and repaired" (refers to the chair being disassembled into separate parts)

Examples of Apart in a Sentence

    1. The couple has been living apart for the past year.

    2. The broken chair was taken apart and repaired.

    3. The toys were scattered all over the room, and I had to pick them all apart.

    4. The concert was held in a field a mile apart from the main road.

    5. The roommates decided to live apart after a year of sharing an apartment.

    6. The two buildings were so far apart that it took me half an hour to walk from one to the other.

    7. The team was forced to play the game apart from each other due to the pandemic.

    8. The flowers were planted a few feet apart in the garden.

    9. The magician pulled a rabbit out of his hat, much to the surprise of the audience who were sitting a few feet apart.

    10. The couple decided to take some time apart to work on their relationship.

Examples of A Part in a Sentence

    1. A part of the team went on a field trip to the museum.

    2. I only know a part of the song, so I can't sing it all the way through.

    3. The car mechanic is replacing a part of the engine that broke.

    4. A part of the roof was damaged in the storm, so we had to get it repaired.

    5. I only finished a part of my homework, so I have to finish the rest later.

    6. A part of the movie was filmed in a different country.

    7. The cake recipe calls for a part sugar and a part butter.

    8. A part of the proceeds from the charity event will go towards the hospital.

    9. I'm only responsible for a part of the project, not the entire thing.

    10. A part of the trail was closed due to construction, so we had to find a different route.

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