What's the Difference Between 'Acclamation' and 'Acclimation'?

In this blog post we look at when to use acclamation and when to use acclimation.

'Acclamation' or 'Acclimation'?

Acclimation and acclamation are two words that are often confused due to their similar spellings and pronunciations, but they have very different meanings.

Acclimation refers to the process of adapting to a new environment, situation, or climate. It involves becoming accustomed to a new set of conditions over time.

For example, when moving to a new country, a person may experience acclimation as they adjust to the new language, culture, and way of life.

Acclamation, on the other hand, refers to enthusiastic approval or praise. It is a show of public support or admiration.

For instance, when a performer takes the stage, they may receive acclamation from the audience if they are well received.

In summary, while acclimation and acclamation may sound similar, they have very different meanings.

Acclimation refers to the process of adapting to new conditions, while acclamation is a show of enthusiastic approval or praise.

By understanding the differences between these two words, you can use them correctly in your writing and avoid common mistakes.

To illustrate the difference between acclimation and acclamation, consider the following examples:

  • After moving to a new city, it took me a few weeks to acclimate to the new weather and find my way around.

  • The presidential candidate received loud acclamation from the crowd as he made his way to the stage.

  • The zookeeper was responsible for acclimating the new animals to their surroundings and making sure they were comfortable in their new habitat.

  • The popular author was greeted with thunderous acclamation from her fans as she entered the bookstore for her book signing.

  • It can be challenging for people to acclimate to a new job, especially if it involves a significant change in routine or responsibilities.

  • The athlete received acclamation from the crowd as she crossed the finish line, setting a new world record in her event.

Acclamation or Acclimation
Acclamation or Acclimation